Kooroon Gallery returns and in glorious full colour!

Open 11am to 4pm on Friday 30 April, Saturday 1 May, Bank Holiday Monday, Friday 7 and Saturday 8 May

Kooroon Gallery reopens with a dynamic solo exhibition of work by Glenda Gibson on 30 April 11am to 4pm. Intense colour and dynamic brush work are hallmarks of Glenda’s oil paintings. She has developed her mark making over lockdown and has over 20 works to show along with cards and small pieces.  Glenda’s joy in applying paint is evident in her colour filled pieces and sings forth from her landscapes, abstracts and figurative paintings.  Glenda is also the curator of Kooroon Gallery and will be available to discuss her work throughout the exhibition. 

Glenda is excited by colour and she paints things so she has something to hang her colour on

A fellow artist and writer, Jill Pompa, commented that Glenda’s art is “Colour and kindness and Faith.”

The exhibition is free to visit.  Current Covid rules for shops apply. Kooroon Gallery can take cash and card payments for purchases.  

For more details visit www.kooroon.com or www.glendagibson.com.  

Glenda will also be running workshops in July for adults and over the summer for children. To find out more check out her webpage www.glendagibson.com or Glenda Gibson Artist on FaceBook and Instagram. 

Kooroon Christmas Event

Online at www.kooroon.com from 4th until 11th December

10 artists and makers are taking part in the Kooroon Gallery Christmas event this year, offering fabulous decorations, cards and unique gift ideas for every budget.

Archive Crafts fills Foyer with shiny delights in the form of pewter mirrors and unique hand crafted jewelry. Printmaker artist Donna Drouin brings this years new range of hand printed cards, which can be turned into gift boxes and decorations.

Gallery curator and artist Glenda Gibson exhibits vibrant oil paintings, large and small and new-to-the-gallery sculptor Mark Hodson brings the smaller of his bespoke metal sculptures and decorations.

Back by popular demand are ceramics by Finola Delamere and Kooroon regular PollyWhistle with her newly finished individual textile angels. Look out too for a brand new range of crisp, bold tea towels printed from artist Vanessa Stone’s landscapes.

Three T’s and Me aka Dian Harrison launches her new journals. Ros Willis brings colourful textile book covers and other hand embroidered textiles treats, whilst husband Roger offers a beautiful selection of wrought iron roses and more.

This year also sees emerging crafter Kit of Kit Nacks exhibit for the very first time. Check out her very Christmassy giddies including hand made pine cone wreaths and gnomes.

There really something for everyone this year.

Two Day Pop-Up Emporium

24th and 25th October 2020 10am till 4pm

PollyWhistle and Miss Cherry Pie Vintage

Textile artist PollyWhistle is teaming up with Merrimans Vintage Jamboree (aka Instagram’s Miss Cherry Pie Vintage) to bring you a temporary treasure trove of unique textile treats, handmade creative gifts and a myriad of re-discovered vintage delights!

Entry is free of course but please wear masks (if you are able to) and we’ll help everyone keep to social distancing guidelines. 

Animal, Landscapes and Aviation

The wonderful world of Catherine Moores

Fri 2nd & Sat 3rd and Fri 9th & Sat 10th October 11am till 4pm free entry

Derbyshire born artist Catherine Moores has lived in the Vale of Belvoir, Leicestershire for over 25 years. Whilst developing her creative practice here she has also worked with dogs and horses and the influences of the rural life and her love of animals if very apparent in her work.

Catherine’s specialties are animals and landscapes and she undertakes many commissions on these and other subjects such as a recent commemorative piece celebrating the British Armed forces which was auctioned for charity.

This exhibition focuses on her animal and country pieces and new work about armed forces and aviation bringing together originals in oil and acrylic as well as graphite pencil and limited edition prints, all of which will be for sale.

Kooroon September Exhibition – Donna Drouin

In this exhibition we see Donna Drouin return to the landscape to capture those memories  of long walks in wild landscapes, and the hot colours of summer. Her abstract landscapes are inspired by the studies done during lockdown and walks across the Sussex South Downs.

The loose lines capturing the  remembered flight paths  of birds and insects. The hot patches of sunlight and intense indigo shadows under thick hedgerows.

 Alongside this stream of work Donna continues to explore the visual storytelling of “The Girl With the Cardboard Wings”. Here Donna is capturing a visual path through the story enclosed in old wooden boxes. The different elements displayed using a variety of printmaking, soft sculpture, paintings and drawings. The representations for the story are referenced from Donna’s childhood, her earliest memories of her first home to personal encounters with nature. This is an ongoing work, the progress of which was slowed due to lockdown.

New Children’s Art Classes with Glenda Gibson

(Subject to Government Requirements due to Covid19 the following could unexpected change.)

Glenda is an experienced primary teacher and accomplished artist.  Working independently as a workshop leader she searches for the creativity within each child and seeks strategies for developing skills, confidence and appreciation of fine art.  Each set of classes is paid for as a block in advance.  There are several ways to pay to secure your booking.  Contact Glenda at glendagibson@live.com to book a place.  Classes are kept small.  Wednesday’s 3:45pm to 4:45pm. 


£42 for 6 lessons. 4, 11, 18, 25 November, 2, 9 December

Lessons around aspects of the creation from the Bible with be explored through painting, printing and sculpture or a mixture of these to create original works of art. 

  1. Light or Day and Night (Stars, Moon Sun) Printing
  2. Sky and Sea acrylic
  3. Landscapes mixed media
  4. Plants watercolour
  5. Animals – drawing/ watercolour pencils
  6. People, paper craft.

Man Made

£42 for 6 lessons. 6,13, 30,27 January, 3, 10 February

Lessons inspired by manmade objects using a variety of techniques

  1. Houses
  2. cars/ vehicles
  3. Kitchen items
  4. stairs
  5. Bridges
  6. City scape

Animal Kingdom

£35 for 5 Lessons. 24 February, 3, 10, 17, 24 March

Lessons in a variety of media exploring animals

  1. Butterfly
  2. Spiders
  3. Fish
  4. Dogs
  5. Giraffe

Mixed Topics

£42 for 6 lessons. 14, 21, 28 April 5, 12, 19 May

Lessons using a variety to techniques including children’s suggestions or favourites

  1. Flowers
  2. Trees
  3. Fruit
  4. Toys
  5. Self portrait
  6. Geometric abstract.

Inspired: online and at Kooroon Gallery

Live at The Old Sorting House Friday and Saturday – 3rd and 4th July and 10th and 11th July 11am to 4pm and Online at Inspired from 3rd July onwards

Kooroon Gallery and Christian Artists Together are exhibiting contemporary Christian Art from 3 July to 11 July on-line at Inspired and as Kooroon Gallery’s July exhibition right here in the The Old Sorting House (whilst maintaining Social Distancing for your safety).

Kooroon Gallery and Christian Artists Together have attracted artists from the UK and abroad including poets, film makers, musicians, sculpture, textile artists, glass artists, oil painters and an installation to show in an online Gallery. As the Gallery can now open some more local work will be available to view at The Old Sorting House too.

Donna Drouin from Christian Artists together writes –Inspired: how would I describe inspired? Inspired, to draw in air, to start a revolution, to support others. Little did we know how relevant the word Inspire would become for 2020. We have all had to change how we live and work because one tiny little microcosm has caused a world wide revolution, and has made all of us think about our communities and how we can support each other and cheer each other on. I cannot think of a better word that fits the current circumstances for an exhibition online in 2020.

Two online workshops will run along side the exhibition. One on Prophetic Art by John and Val Blundell on 4 July and Donna Drouin will be sharing her Lectio Divina for artworks.

Check the following links for more detailed information. Booking and a fee of £3 is required for the Prophetic Art Workshop. Contact Glenda Gibson via email to book on either workshop glendagibson@live.com

View the online exhibition at https://celestedrouindavis.wixsite.com/inspired

christianartiststogetheruk.blogspot.com and www.facebook.com/ChristianArtistsTogether/

Combining Contemporary Craft and Art

Fri 6th & Sat 7th 11am till 4pm

Sharon Dickinson – An Artist in Metal

Vanessa Stone – The Essence of English Landscape

The PollyWhistle Portable Pop-up Carnival

Sharon Dickinson – An Artist in Metal

Sharon Dickinson as Archives Crafts is an “artist in metal” designing and creating unique, individual silver jewelry and metalwork in pewter and aluminum. Based in the Vale she has exhibited and sold throughout the UK and abroad yet remains grounded by working from her beautiful home and committed to the sustainability of using what is locally available first and foremost. Her motto is “Love what’s local”!

Wherever possible she re-cycles, re-uses and re-purposes materials working in silver and pewter, but also aluminum, copper, vintage tins, and even rusty old finds!  Stained glass and mirror glass also have a special place in her work and alongside the jewellery and pewter plaques she is known for her unique mirrors and sun catchers. She creates nature inspired and fantastical character based work which both adorn and form the basis of her pieces.

Super Sparkly Mosaic Pendant with Sharon Dickinson

Saturday 7th March 1-3 pm £20.  Booking via glendagibson@live.com 

All materials provided from the artists personal stash of vintage crystals, components glass millefiori glitters mica powders and more. The pendants will be finished by setting your chosen components in a fast setting clear resin. You will have a beautiful and unique necklace to take home on the day. 2 hr class £20

Vanessa Stone – The Essence of English Landscape

Vanessa Stone is possibly most well known for her paper cut work but actually has a background in art, textiles and design. For this exhibition she brings rarely seen work, brand new to Kooroon in the form of painted paper collages.

They are created with the aim of capturing the essence of the English landscape. Through subtle tones and textures these pieces depict wide woods and vistas, but also smaller moments like seeing the blue sky through beech leaves on a spring day.

PollyWhistle’s Portable Pop-up Carnival

Self proclaimed textile folk artist, curator of curios and all round good egg Jane Millum works are PollyWhistle to create little people and the tall tales they tell her.

For this year’s annual exhibition at Kooroon she has captured a rag-bag band of rag-tag characters and created the PollyWhistle’s Portable Pop-up Carnival.

Headlining the Emotional Wee Folk and Ticking Carnies there are also some very Feral Fairies desperate to escape. There is even a Penny Museum of Mystery.

So don’t miss out on what might be your only chance to experience the thrill of perhaps the greatest small show on earth and help some of these quirky characters escape!

Friday 6th March 11am to 1pm. £15 Booking via glendagibson@live.com 

Create your very own articulated fairy to capture and keep. Using prints of vintage photos and images, inks, pens, paper, glue and maybe even some sparkle, you’ll choose, cut and colour to make a wild little creature of your very own. All materials provided. 

Atmospheric and Expressive Original Artwork: Sy Baker and Ernie Butler

Two accomplished, English artists, Sy Baker and Ernie Butler are exhibiting together for the first time, 31 January and 1 February, for Kooroon Gallery at the Old Sorting House Bottesford, NG13 0AA. 

Ernie Butler is an internationally exhibited and collected artist based in Cambridgeshire. He exhibits, fulfils commissions, teaches, demonstrates and has been funded by the Arts Council England, as well as others. Ernie trained under William Calladine who was apprenticed to the last living Dutch old master. Ernie’s work displays a sense of light and atmosphere.

“Like stepping from darkness into the light”

“wonderfully atmospheric”

Sy Baker, originally a medical artist, works with artists near Bicester where he lives, on community projects.  His recent work uses ‘slow’ materials such as hand-crushed oyster shell and gold leaf which is laid down in a slow, almost meditative,  process allowing each layer to dry.  The rich and vibrant result is best viewed first hand.  Sys Shadow Reflection Series focuses on people who are hidden in plain sight, bringing them into focus so they become ‘seen’. He will also have some wire sculptures on view and be teaching Painting Birds on Teabags Workshop.  

Glenda Gibson is, “truly excited to bring together two top quality artists in a single exhibition in my own village, Bottesford.” 

Free viewing on 31st January 2-4 pm and 8-9:30 pm and 1st February 10-4 pm. 

For more information about the workshop visit www.theoldsortinghouse.com where you will find out how to book the workshop. Saturday 1st February 1-3 pm £15 at the Old Sorting House, 25 Hight Street Bottesford, NG13 0AA. Also, book via glendagibson@live.com 

Glenda Gibson & Dian Harrison 3 & 4 Jan

Open Fri 3 Jan 2-4, 8-9:30 and Sat 4 Jan 10-4 Entry Free


Kooroon Gallery did not just happen.  Glenda Gibson was asking what to do next for the Artists she and Donna Drouin had been encouraging.  Their work needed to be shown to the world and be for sale so they could continue to afford to be artists. Kooroon Gallery started in the dinning room of Glenda’s home as an experiment.  A small but faithful following developed who have followed her to a new venue.  

Dian Harrison dreamed of using her home for something more. An artist herself she had a purpose-built studio for teaching classes so she relocated her living to upstairs so she could free up space for a gallery down stairs.  Kooroon was the first to exhibit in this wonderful and well lit space.  Most not seen from the street so come on in and have a good look. 

Glenda is working on portraits of Artists for the next exhibition and Dian is creating new work.

Glenda will run a workshop on 4 Jan from 1-3pm.  Acrylic painting using ideas from Este MacLoud.  £15 with all material provided.  Booking essential.