Dian Harrison

Dian is a highly experienced decorative painter, textile and mixed media artist who has sold work and taught folk art and decorative painting techniques around the world including in Japan and USA. A well respected tutor Dian can teach, guide and support students with all levels of experience or confidence to learn skills and make something unique and beautiful.

With a wide range of interests and skills Dian has recently been developing work in art books and journaling as well as textile design, working in collaboration with textile artist / illustrator Jane Millum under the name of TizzyWhistle. As the owner of The Old Sorting House (which is also her home) Dian works with Jane on the programme of events and workshops that take place across the year.

Dian has a long standing relationship with BADFA (British Association of Decorative and Folk Arts) and recently joined the Quilters Guild. She is also an avid traveller having visited and both run and taken creative courses in countries throughout the world including India, a place she has a great love for.

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