Kooroon Gallery

Kooroon is a small, independent gallery dedicated to the support of artists at various stages in their career through exhibitions, networking, pricing advice and general niceties.

Run by artist Glenda Gibson, Kooroon Gallery exhibits different artists and groups during the first weekend of each month. Kooroon is also a co-founder of the Belvoir Art Trail and annually runs a collaborative art project around a theme to raise awareness of key issues such as loneliness (Weave) and access to clean sanitation (Bumf).

In addition to running Kooroon and playing a pivitol role in The Old Sorting House, Glenda also runs classes and workshops in art and creative practice for children and adults, many of which can be found on the Workshops and Classes page.

More information about all the activities can be found at the Kooroon website, via the facebook page and Glenda’s Instagram feed here.